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Qikiqtani Truth Commission Final Report: Achieving Saimaqtigiiniq

Loseeosee Aipellee testifying at a QTC hearing.Qikiqtani Truth Commission photo.


Since World War Two, the Canadian government has initiated profound social, economic and cultural changes in the North that have had a far-reaching, negative and continuing influence on the lives of Qikiqtani Inuit. The vast majority of these decisions were made without consulting Inuit and the consequences are still felt today.

The final report of the Qikiqtani Truth Commission, therefore, closely examines the nature and effects of such change in the Qikiqtani, or Baffin, region between 1950 and 1975, a period of tremendous upheaval for Inuit as they moved from Inuit nunagivaktangit and life on the land into permanent settlements. In addition to its findings, the report puts forward several recommendations intended to address—and resolve—the issues identified.

Ultimately, the title of this report reflects the broader truth and reconciliation process, which seeks to promote healing and forgiveness among those who suffered from historic wrongs, and to repair relations between Inuit and governments. In Inuktitut terms, Qikiqtani Inuit are seeking saimaqtigiiniq: peace with past opponents. Written Report The print version of the Qikiqtani Truth Commission Final Report: Achieving Saimaqtigiiniq is divided into two parts. The first summarizes what the Commission learned from listening to Inuit testimonies, and from reviewing the Commission’s archival research. It also presents an overview of the Commissioner’s main recommendations.

The second part is a detailed discussion of opportunities for change that will help heal the wounds that remain from this period of cultural, social and economic transformation, promote recognition of the worth of Inuit culture and reconciliation with Qallunaat institutions, and contribute to numerous efforts being made by Inuit to take control of their futures.

Two print versions of the Qikiqtani Truth Commission Final Report: Achieving Saimaqtigiiniq are available for you to read online:


Video Report

The QTC has also produced a video version of the Qikiqtani Truth Commission Final Report: Achieving Saimaqtigiiniq.

Four individual video-report modules can be viewed online:
  • Part 1 explains the Qikiqtani Truth Commission—its history, mandate, approach and process.
  • Part 2 outlines the Commission’s findings.
  • Part 3 presents highlights of the Commission’s recommendations.
  • Part 4 is a brief summary that describes next steps.
A complete, four-part version is also available in DVD format: contact the Qikiqtani Inuit Association to request a copy.
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